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ESRC IAA funding for Robert Owen Centre

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Post by Oscar Odena. A grant from the Economic Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account (ESRC IAA) has been awarded to ‘Music Education for Integration’ (Odena PI, 2016-2017). The funds will support a programme of activities aimed at enhancing practitioners’ and education stakeholders’ understanding of music as a tool for integration locally, nationally and internationally.… Continue reading

Some challenges of practice-centred research

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By Oscar Odena. Finding a methodological approach within which to work is not straightforward for practitioner-researchers engaged in enquiry aimed at educational change. Practitioner-researcher projects often (but not always) have a qualitative orientation, focussing on a limited number of participants and allowing for an in-depth analysis of particular cases and interactions. These projects tend to… Continue reading

How do researchers make sense of large amounts of qualitative data?

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By Oscar Odena. In my experience of carrying out research in a number of contexts, this is a real issue for many researchers. And that’s not surprising. One of the expectations of social enquiry projects is that they will have a decent amount of data which helps address the research questions, and develop implications based… Continue reading