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Owen, music and inclusion

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By Oscar Odena. Robert Owen’s vision of education for all outlined the importance of arts education for personal development as well as for community cohesion. His vision of education comprised not just reading and writing but aesthetic appreciation, music and dancing, in order to achieve everybody’s holistic development and a sense of inclusion. His New… Continue reading

Some challenges of practice-centred research

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By Oscar Odena. Finding a methodological approach within which to work is not straightforward for practitioner-researchers engaged in enquiry aimed at educational change. Practitioner-researcher projects often (but not always) have a qualitative orientation, focussing on a limited number of participants and allowing for an in-depth analysis of particular cases and interactions. These projects tend to… Continue reading

How do researchers make sense of large amounts of qualitative data?

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By Oscar Odena. In my experience of carrying out research in a number of contexts, this is a real issue for many researchers. And that’s not surprising. One of the expectations of social enquiry projects is that they will have a decent amount of data which helps address the research questions, and develop implications based… Continue reading