Special issue on Software for Qualitative Analysis

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A Virtual Special Issue of International Journal of Social Research Methodology on Software for Qualitative Analysis has been curated by Oscar Odena at Robert Owen Centre. The collection includes an Editorial and nine articles, and is available Open Access through Taylor & Francis Online (April to November 2017). Some articles reflect upon the ‘big issues’ raised by the use of specialist software to support analytical processes that until two decades ago could only be carried out by hand. Key issues include how the computer capabilities extend the analysis possibilities, are used in different research traditions, and enhance or impair researcher reflexivity. Other issues comprise the teaching and learning of qualitative methods, and the controversies and claims around using software to support the generation of knowledge. The collection is intended to stimulate further debate on the use of software in disciplines where it is already established, and to open up the discussion in traditions where it is not. The selected articles will be of use to students, researchers, policy makers and practitioners interested in qualitative data analysis.


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