Who is teaching the teachers? – Teacher educators as the forgotten stakeholders of education and international development

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Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change Seminar, 12.00-13.00 7th June 2017, School of Education, St. Andrew’s Building, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G3 6NH 

Matthew A. M. Thomas, Lecturer in Comparative Education and Sociology of Education at the University of Sydney. 

International development discourses frequently position teachers as the means to advancing systemic social change. Yet scant attention is paid to those who are primarily charged with preparing teachers: teacher educators. This presentation draws on critical discourse analysis to explore how teacher educators are framed, positioned, and addressed in global reports and national policy documents. Who are the teacher educators? What is known and assumed about their capacities to prepare teachers?

Short Biography:

Matthew A. M. Thomas is a lecturer in Comparative Education and Sociology of Education at the University of Sydney. He holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota and an MA from Columbia University, Teachers College. Matthew has worked as a teacher in the United States, where he was certified in music (grades K-12) and social studies (grades 7–12), and as an educational researcher and consultant in Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia. His research examines educational policies, pedagogical practices, teachers’ lives, and the changing roles of teacher and higher education in international and domestic contexts.


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