Seminar: An uncertain future: some implications of Brexit for Teaching and Teacher Professionalism in Europe.

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Prof Tony Finn (University of Glasgow) is the former CEO of the General

Teaching Council for Scotland.

The UK’s vote for Brexit has led to confusion across Europe, as different states have attempted to evaluate its impact and consider its implications. Within the UK, Brexit has placed a strain on relations between communities which supported Brexit and those which opposed it.

There are particular issues within Northern Ireland, which shares a border with a EU state (Ireland); and within Scotland, which has its own political, legal and educational systems.

This session will consider some issues of concern which have not featured prominently in negotiations about the future relationship between the UK and its EU partners. For example, what might be the implications of Brexit for educational provision, for teacher professionalism and mobility and, within HE, for student recruitment, funding, research and employment?

Thursday 23/11/2017 12.00 – 13.00

Room N201 St Andrew’s Building

11 Eldon Street, Glasgow

G3 6NH


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