Our research on ‘Knowledge into Action in Education’ for Education Scotland

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In 2014, Education Scotland commissioned researchers from the Robert Owen Centre at the University of Glasgow, led by Professor Christopher Chapman, to work on a research and development project focusing on ‘Knowledge into Action’. The project explored the processes by which knowledge from research and other sources can influence action across the education system in Scotland.

This project involved a literature review and initial research into four pilot projects. The aim was to develop and test evidence-based models that support the effective translation of knowledge into action within the Scottish education system, with a particular focus on building capacity to support Education Scotland’s role as the national improvement agency for education.

The findings of this research are now published, and you can find the report and more details about the project by clicking on the link below:

Knowledge into Action in Education project

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  1. Unfortunately the link to the Knowledge into Action project leads to a resource not found error message. I was able to find one of the pilot project outputs on STEM central but not the others. Is there an alternative location where I can find details of the outputs or names of the other research reviews that were created?

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