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(1) Barbara M. Kehm is co-editor of and contributor to a book that was featured in the Times Higher Education No. 2,186 from 15 January 2015. Reference to the book: Tatiana Fumasoli, Gaele Goastellec, Barbara M. Kehm (Eds.) (2015). Academic Work and Careers in Europe: Trends, Challenges, Perspectives. Dordrecht: Springer. Feature article in THE by Holly Else, pp. 36-41. Link:

(2) Barbara M. Kehm is contributor to a book which will receive the “Outstanding Publication Award” at this year’s annual conference of the American Research in Education Association (AREA). Reference to the book and Kehm’s contribution: Mauricio Fortes, Barbara M. Kehm, Thoko Mayekiso (2014). Evaluation and Quality Management in Europe, Mexico and South Africa. In: Maresi Nerad and Barbara Evans (Eds.). Globalization and Its Impact on the Quality of PhD Education. Forces and Forms of Doctoral Education Worldwide. Rotterdam, Taipei: Sense Publishers, pp. 81-109. Excerpt from the award letter: “The nominators wrote that the book is ‘essential reading for researchers who study doctoral education as well as for those who wish to gain critical insight and immediate access to thought leaders in the field’. The nominators praised the ‘outstanding work in bringing forth a conversation that includes not only a detailed examination of doctoral models and metrics, but also involves critical questions about the role and purposes of the doctoral degree across different nations at different stages of educational development.’ The Award Committee was impressed with the book (…) in particular its success in integrating considerations of doctoral education from more than a dozen national contexts and in addressing diverse issues and stakeholders making this book this book a particularly strong contribution to the literature in the field. Attention to economic, national, and policy concerns across faculty and student perspectives generated thought-provoking material for the reader in response to the guiding question, ‘In this new environment, what constitutes excellence in research doctoral education?’ ”

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