The Regional Governance of Skills Supply and Demand in Scotland: Glasgow City, Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire

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Seminar by: Dr Queralt Capsada-Munsech, Postdoctoral Researcher

(School of Education: Robert Owen Centre), University of Glasgow

The skills agenda has been growing in the UK, strengthening the focus on youth skills given the raise of youth unemployment. So far, most of the analyses on the governance of skills system and the skills (mis)matches have been addressed at the national level. However, different regions in the same country might differ in the composition of the actors and institutions involved in the skills agenda and its formulation and implementation. The policy orientations and the mechanisms of coordination these actors and institutions might use are also likely to vary across regions.

Drawing on the Cultural Political Economy approach, this article proposes a framework to analyse the governance of skills at the regional level taking into account the institutions involved in the regional skills formation and use, the socio-economic context of the region and the implications for young adults in the region.

Thursday 19th October 2017 12:00 13:00

Room 517A, St. Andrew’s Building

11 Eldon St. Glasgow

G3 6NH

The paper is part of a three-year H2020 European funded research project which includes the University of Glasgow and 14 other European partners.

More information can be found at: Young-ADULLL Project (Europe) and

Young-ADULLLT Project (Scotland)

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