The gender ‘gap’ in attainment: Dr Val Corry

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In May 2018 Dr Corry, School of Education, University of Glasgow, presented a seminar to some of the staff and students of the School of Education. The presentation is available here: ‘The gender gap in attainment’

Val explored the findings of her doctoral research, which set out to find an explanation for the gendered gap in attainment. Her research is based on empirical evidence gathered from case studies carried out in three Scottish secondary schools. She also draws from the policy context as well as key studies commissioned by Scottish Government and other governments (notably, UK, Wales and Australia). Val explored the application of her findings to policy, and practice related to gender in schools, to effect change and improvement in education.

Val’s paper The gender ‘gap’ in attainment: the Scottish policy perspective, published

in Scottish Educational Review can be accessed at

Val’s thesis Academically able boys’ perceptions of their learning: a grounded theory analysis is also available online:


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  1. Interesting read and highlights a neglect with in Scotland in following up the OECD report from 2007 which highlight that in good schools “It’s who you are” that matters in Scottish education. This was then linked to the culture within school sad in classrooms. Are sets in subjects areas gender neutral?
    Obviously intersectionality is an issue that is neglected in Scottish education eg Pupil Equity fund is based on levels SIMD and not on “who you are”. Thanks Val!

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